Heron Pond

Posted: 1/16/2018
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About Heron Pond

Cushman and Wakefield, as exclusive marketing advisor, is pleased to present the opportunity to acquire 91 out of 304 units, within Heron Pond Condominiums located in highly desirable Pembroke Pines, Florida.The buyer of the remaining 91 units has the best of both worlds "in place" cash flow with occupied units and the potential to sell individual units at a significant premium. At its current price point, an individual can own at Heron Pond for the same price or less than in-place rents allow. This pricing strategy makes Heron Pond a unique opportunity that actually makes sense for the individual, end buyer in this environment.

The 91-units average 951 square feet and provide spacious floor plans. Of the 91 remaining units, 24 are 1BD/1BA, 7 are 2BD/1BA, 42 are 2BD/2BA, 8 are 2BD/2.5BA, and 10 are 3BD/2BA. Heron Pond has a strong historical operating history with occupancy near or at 100%. The units are grossing almost $1.5 Million annually. The year-one net operating income (NOI) is anticipated to be over $850,000.