St. Elmo Development Project

Posted: 10/4/2018
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About St. Elmo Development Project

We are very excited to bring you this exceptional investment opportunity for private JV Investors seeking: Quality Mixed Use Development, Strong JV/Operating Partners in a high growth sector of S. Austin Texas.

Our client, a very credible regional developer/operator is raising equity for a premiere A+ Mixed Use Development opportunity in one of Austin’s most exciting sub markets: South Congress. For those of you who have been looking for a solid, high yielding investment opportunity in one of USA's top cities, this is one you don’t want to miss. We have known the sponsors for over 8 years in Texas and they have consistently displayed outstanding business acumen in the CRE industry. For this project, they have acquired the land, completed the entitlement process and started prepping the site for mixed use vertical development using their own capital.

Austin, Texas tops the list for most desirable real estate investments due to its consistent growth in education and technology. Austin is known as the “Silicon Valley of the South”. What makes this project extremely special besides the location is the St. Elmo destination point and new Public Market/Retail Food Hall that is being debuted in Phase 1 Development along with 385 units of class A luxury apartments, financed by a very low interest rate HUD loan.

Public Market/Food Halls are one of the hottest trends right now in the retail restaurant business worldwide. Cushman & Wakefield first reported on this trend in November 2016; since then, food halls’ popularity has only continued to rise. Food halls are popping up around the United States at a breakneck pace; at the current rate, by 2020 the marketplaces will have tripled in size in the span of just five years.

To learn more about food halls, copy and paste the following link to your web browser to see our short video. This combined bundle of amenities for Austin residents highly supports the cultural and unique community which Austin is well known for. We believe that the proposed mixed use development coupled with the exciting Food Hall concept, will create a much desired destination point for Austin residents and drive higher rental values for the apartments, creative office and boutique hotel planned in this development.

We are seeking to secure one to three investors to raise up to $25 million for Phase 1, providing investors with an impressive IRR of 19%.

Call for offers is Friday, October 19, 2018.