Pennant Building

Posted: 5/20/2019
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About Pennant Building

The Cushman & Wakefield St. Louis Capital Market's Team is pleased to offer for sale the 100% fee simple interest in the Pennant Building located at 1701 Locust Street in St. Louis, MO. The building is a premier multifamily/loft redevelopment opportunity positioned in the heart of Downtown St. Louis' "Loft District". As-is, the building contains 76,120 square feet consisting of four stories and a basement level with an additional 8,883 SF penthouse approved. A preliminary redevelopment plan includes 53 multifamily units, four live/work studios, and 36 garage parking spaces. A full set of plans has been approved and will be provided to the buyer.

Fueled by public and private investments, St. Louis is in the midst of a renaissance that is reigniting the growth and vibrancy of the downtown core. Over $8 billion has been invested in downtown since 2000 with $3 billion in development underway or proposed. Among these developments is St. Louis' highly anticipated MLS expansion team's proposed stadium, which is expected to drive significant investments in infrastructure in the surrounding area. The Pennant Building is located just three blocks from the MLS site, offering an exceptionally rare opportunity to acquire an historic building in an area poised for significant growth and long-term appreciation.