Berkley Riverfront Sites

Posted: 6/5/2019
85 Acres
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About Berkley Riverfront Sites

The Berkley Riverfront location is a prime downtown development opportunity in Kansas City, Missouri, serviced by the new Riverfront Drive and bounded by the Kit Bond and Heart of America bridges. With nearly a mile of frontage on the Missouri River, the site is a destination unto itself. Its outstanding synergistic potential is affirmed through connections to adjacent neighborhoods in the River Market and Columbus Park.

The master-planned development for the 85-acre riverfront site calls for the creation of a world-class urban village with OVER FIVE MILLION SQUARE FEET OF OFFICES, RESIDENTIAL AND RETAIL SPACE, along with entertainment and cultural amenities. Sites ranging from less than two acres to 15 acres are available for immediate development, with grading, engineered fill, and utilities to be delivered to the sites. The master plan envisions a pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use environment with density, a FAR of 10 and building heights up to 130 feet.