Parcel 3A - Novus Innovation Corridor

Posted: 9/3/2019
1.9 Acres
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About Parcel 3A - Novus Innovation Corridor

Cushman & Wakefield is pleased to present a unique opportunity to obtain a 99-year, prepaid ground lease for a ±1.9 net acre, mixed-use development block within the Novus Innovation Corridor at Arizona State University.  This rare opportunity is for Parcel 3A, located on the southwest corner of 6th Street and Rural Road, immediately north of the University Drive light rail station.

Novus Innovation Corridor is a 350-acre, mixed-use development planned for approximately 10 million square feet along Tempe Town Lake, including State Farm’s 2.1-million-square-foot Marina Heights regional office. Strategically integrated with Arizona State University (ASU), wholly on university-owned land, Novus is managed by master developer Catellus, a national leader in the development of urban mixed-use communities.

Parcel 3A is located within Phase III of the Novus Innovation Corridor.  Phase III features the initial portion of a multi-block, Main Street urban retail district called Novus Place.  Stretching from University Drive on the south to Rio Salado Parkway on the north, Novus Place will provide shopping, dining, entertainment and strolling opportunities in an environment that features enhanced paving, landscaping and other pedestrian amenities.  Phase III also includes one million square feet of mid-rise, Class A office space, urban residences, hotel rooms, and a diverse collection of retail shops and restaurants in a walkable, compact, urban setting just north of the University Drive Metro Light Rail station.