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StoneBrook Apartments - Virginia

Posted: 1/3/2017
168 Units
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About StoneBrook Apartments - Virginia

StoneBrook Apartments is a 168-unit value-add apartment community located in Roanoke, VA. Built in 1974, StoneBrook has tremendous value-add upside through the implementation of a comprehensive in-unit renovation program that includes the installation of washers & dryers. In-unit enhancements are currently being completed and proven out at the Property and the competitive set. The Property’s highly desirable location on the south side of Roanoke, adjacent to one of the region’s largest regional malls and within close proximity to numerous lifestyle amenities and major roadways adds to the Property’s appeal. StoneBrook’s exceptional location and significant renovation upside presents investors with the rare opportunity to acquire a well maintained apartment community with significant future growth prospects within the expanding Roanoke economy.