Cottage Cove

Posted: 4/26/2021
468 Units
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About Cottage Cove

Cushman & Wakefield, as exclusive advisor, is pleased to present Cottage Cove - a 468-unit value-add opportunity located in Miami, Florida. Situated on 23.75 acres, Cottage Cove provides a low density, value-add opportunity with above market cash-on-cash returns. The property is offered free & clear although there is an option to assume the current loan. The opportunity to acquire a critical mass of units in Miami is rare. In the past 10 years, there has been less than 2 transactions per year of 400+ unit properties in Miami-Dade on average.

Current ownership has spent approximately $3.4 million in improving the property, ensuring limited need for major capital expenditures. Part of the renovations include replacing 94 out of 100 roofs in 2018. A future investor can further enhance the existing cash flows by implementing an in-unit renovation program to modernize the units by replacing carpet with vinyl tile flooring and upgrading kitchens and bathrooms to generate potential additional income of about $440,000. (6.6% over current market rents). There 45 units (9.6%) fully upgraded at the property. These units receive $140 premium over the classic units.

Cottage Cove provides immediate positive cash flow. In the past 12 months, the retention rate at the property was 65% with the most recent month’s retention rate hitting 85%. Over the past year, there has been 229 rent renewals that averaged an astonishing 6% in rent bumps making rent renewal a better option as opposed to renting the units to new tenants at market rents.