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Warren Harbor

Posted: 6/17/2021
240 Units
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About Warren Harbor

1. Large Capital Infusion

Warren Harbor is a well maintained property that has been infused with capital but still allows for additional upside. All roofs have been replaced since 2016. Additionally, 135 units have been fully upgraded and most units have received some partial upgrades.

2. Grow Revenue Continuing Upgrades

105 units are either lightly upgraded or have classic finishes. By completing additional unit upgrades, a $160+ monthly premium can be achieved. 2021 lease rents demonstrate a $90 / 11% increase and prove the demand for upgraded units.

3. Recharged East Side Indianapolis

Indianapolis' far east side is showing upward trends in several indicators including occupancy and rent growth. The submarket also offers diverse/stable employers and easy access to downtown.

4 . Desirable unit features

Warren Harbor offers potential residents unit features like 3 bedrooms, upgraded finishes and W/D hookups that are uncommon in the submarket.

5 . Great Schools

Warren Central High School athletics is nationally recognized and sponsored by Adidas. They have 28 State Titles, 23 Semi-State Titles, and 87 Regional Titles.