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White Hall

120 Beds
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About White Hall

Cushman & Wakefield’s Multi-Family Advisory Group is pleased to present a master lease housing opportunity, 33 Everett Street. The property consists of 69 rooms, and is located in the Harvard Square area within the heart of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Currently configured for dormitory use, each floor of the building features a common bathroom and lounge space with soft seating, refrigerator, and oven. 33 Everett Street is located on Lesley University’s Doble Campus and has previously been used as student housing. The university would maintain access to the first floor’s commercial kitchen and cafeteria to be shared with the tenant and can deliver the property furnished with existing dormitory furniture.

33 Everett Street is situated in one of the most esteemed locations in the world with unmatched access to many of the nation’s top colleges and universities, technology, and bio-tech employers and many of the region’s best shopping and dining amenities. The building is immediately adjacent to Harvard University and within a 10-minute walk of both Porter and Harvard Stations along the MBTA’s Red Line and Commuter Line.